Get Ready For This Whole Heaping Helping Of DC Movies From WBD, Oh And ‘The Batman 2’ Has A Release Date

James Gunn has finally unveiled his upcoming slate for the DC Universe. After Gunn and producing partner Peter Safran took the reins for DC Studios in a surprising, yet welcomed decision by Warner Bros. Discovery, there have been months of rumors and speculations about what the new cinematic universe will look like. That speculation further kicked into overdrive when Henry Cavill announced he will not be returning as Superman despite appearing in Black Adam, and Patty Jenkins publicly exited Wonder Woman 3. Was the DC Universe headed for a full-scale reboot? Kinda.

Here are the first projects that will kick off Gunn’s connected story that will reported stretch into the next decade. Via The Hollywood Reporter:


Superman: Legacy
The Brave and The Bold
(Will introduce new Batman and his son Damian Wayne)
The Authority
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Swamp Thing
The Batman 2
(Not connected to overall DC Universe)


Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost
Booster Gold
Creature Commandos
(Animated series)

With the first details of Gunn’s new DC slate confirmed, there are a few surprises like The Authority and a few already announced projects like The Batman 2 and a new Superman movie. However, there appear to still be some vestiges of the old DC Extended Universe left, notably Supergirl (unless the role is recast following The Flash) and the Wonder Woman prequel series, Paradise Lost, which will be set in Themyscira and reportedly have a Game of Thrones vibes. In fact, Gunn told THR that nothing prohibits the old DCEU cast from returning.

Further cementing reports that Discovery execs were not pleased to see a marquee character like Superman sitting on the shelf, Superman: Legacy, which is being written by Gunn, already has a release date: July 11, 2025. And in what’s shaping up to be a banner year for the new DCU, The Batman 2 will reportedly arrive a few months later on Oct 25, 2025.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)