Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Show They Are The Worst Soccer Dads On The Planet

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg took their promotional tour for Daddy’s Home over to England for a stop on The Graham Norton Show. The topic of discussion? Their heated, crazed, poor behavior at their children’s soccer games. This is the duty of a father, sure, but it would seem that Ferrell and Wahlberg take it to the next level.

You can see Wahlberg getting heated on the sidelines in a pair of photos, which shouldn’t be a surprise. I can imagine being the coach of that team and having to put up with him, constantly telling you to put his kid in the game with threats of physical harm and yelling about how he could’ve stopped 9/11 from happening. Annoying, right?

Then it turns out that Ferrell isn’t too good at being a soccer dad either, only he’s an actual soccer coach. This mirrors his role in Kicking And Screaming, only without all the talk of breaking clavicles. I don’t know why that’s frowned upon, but likely has something to do with the shadow liberal agenda that has ruined sport for everybody — and made the film Concussion.

They do bring up a good idea, though. Have we ever gambled on kids’ sporting events? Seems like it might be a bit too wild and unpredictable for proper gambling, but it would certainly help to pass the time. Smoke some cigars, drinking some beer, and betting on the score.

(Via Graham Norton)