Will There Be Another ‘Mad Max’ Movie After ‘Furiosa’?

George Miller’s Mad Max prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Story hits theaters this week, but he’s already got his eyes on the next chapter in the universe.

Anya Taylor-Joy portrays Furiosa in the prequel, which tells the story of the young girl who was taken from her mother. The movie chronicles how Furiosa survives before meeting with Max in 2015’s Fury Road. It also seems like there is more story to tell, but will there be another sequel?

When Miller was asked if he has any ideas for more upcoming installments, he told Collider, “Yes we do,” before explaining that he had to flesh out Max’s story in order to write Furiosa. He said:

“Mainly because to tell the story of Fury Road , which happens over a very compressed amount of time, you could argue that the first act of Fury Road and the last act are almost playing in real time over three days in order to tell that story on the run. Picking up all the backstory, all the exposition on the way, everybody working on the film — not only the cars, but all the designers, all the prop makers, everybody — had to understand the backstory very intimately in order for it to be coherent.”

Because he had to plan out Max’s storyline, he was able to explore other plot ideas. “So, we had to write the story of Furiosa and the 18 years, as it turns out, before we meet her in Fury Road. We also had to write the story of the year of Max in the year before we encounter him in Fury Road. So, we have that story. We wrote that as a novella, Nico Lathouris and I, and so that’s the story we have yet to tell.”

While Miller says that story will be told, who knows when it will be. There was a 30-year gap between movie number three and number four, so we could be waiting quite a while here. By then, maybe Anya will feel ready to talk about it all.