William H. Macy Revealed The Filthy Line That Drove 150 Extras To Walk Off The ‘Boogie Nights’ Set

02.12.15 3 years ago 9 Comments

Besides revealing that his college professor was brilliant multimedia scribe David Mamet (my student loans seem less worthwhile every day), William H. Macy recounted to Seth Meyers the one line of dialogue that appalled the extras on the set of Boogie Nights so greatly that they left in mass exodus.

The scene in question is when Dirk Diggler wins an Adult Film Award in a smoke-filled room of porn industry workers, most of whom happened to be portrayed by extras. According to Macy, the extras had no clue what the scene entailed, “…they just knew it was a Burt Reynolds movie.”

Paul Thomas Anderson asked to run the scene once, so Melora Walters approached the podium to announce Dirk as the winner of the award, and, well, this story is best told by Macy in the video above. Let’s just say that it’s probably one of the filthiest and most hilarious lines you’ll ever see the actor perform.

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