‘World War Z 2’ May Have Found The Perfect Director In David Fincher

It appears the rumors that have circulated for a while are true: Brad Pitt will be teaming up with David Fincher once again, this time on World War Z 2. While both Pitt and Fincher have been dancing around the issue a bit, Variety is reporting all the movie needs is the nod from Paramount’s new chairman, and it’s a done deal. And that’s likely good news.

It would definitely be a odd step, at least on the surface, for Fincher, although to be fair the first movie was directed by Marc Forster, who has a similarly prestigious reputation. He started his film directing career with the notoriously troubled Alien 3 and since then has mostly stuck to glossy crime thrillers and literary adaptations, most recently Gone Girl. But really, if anybody can give a big budget zombie movie what it needs, it’s Fincher.

Really, Fincher’s taste for the lurid and facility with actors lends itself to zombie movies. For all the guy’s high-toned taste in cinematographers and facility with actors, he likes dark stuff about how awful human beings can be to each other (Zodiac, etc.), which is pretty much the real thrust of any zombie movie. We’ll see just where he takes the genre when the movie arrives, which looks to be sometime in 2019.

(via Variety)