Zac Efron’s Transformation Into A Mature Adult Actor Is Complete With ‘Dirty Grandpa’

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They say the universal language is love. It could also be math, or science, or art, depending on your passion or your field. Today though, a particularly nice case of something avoiding being lost in translation is due to an entirely different type of universal language: that of naked celebrities in movies. Today, that celebrity is Zac Efron.

The new red band trailer for Dirty Grandpa is in German. But no language barrier can stop us from appreciating the few snippets of fresh footage that include Efron running around on the beach buck naked save for the protection of a stuffed animal. Even though Efron’s career decisions have been shaky the last few years and despite standouts like Neighbors, he can always count on his abs to get him through.

Dirty Grandpa, in which Efron and Robert DeNiro play grandfather and grandson on a raunchy vacation to Daytona Beach together, doesn’t look like it’s about to be the next Anchorman or anything so lofty. You can never tell for sure before a movie’s release of course, especially with a comedy, so let’s give the benefit of the doubt to Zac and Bobby. But even if the upcoming bro comedy is a let-down, there’s at least the advance knowledge that audiences will get to see and tan and bulked up Efron waking up on a random beach in Florida with nothing but a child’s toy covering his … um … not a child’s toy.

Sometimes, an early Christmas present can come in the most amazing of forms and this year it is the former teen heart-throb mostly nude in an international trailer. Thank you, companies that cut the international trailers of American comedies. Thank you so very much.

(Via Just Jared)

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