Zack Snyder Turned To The, Uh, Darkseid To Raise Half A Million Dollars For Suicide Prevention

Over the years, Zack Snyder fans have shown up in a big way to help support suicide prevention, and this time, the director is driving the fundraising with an exclusive T-shirt featuring the epic DC Comics villain Darkseid. In a Tuesday night tweet, Snyder thanked fans for raising over $430,000 and urged others who haven’t already snatched up a Darkseid shirt to help him reach half a million dollars for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

You can see Snyder’s tweet below, along with a link to the fundraising site Ink to the People:

Snyder has confirmed that the villainous Darkseid will appear in his director’s cut of Justice League when it arrives on HBO Max in 2021. The long awaited “Snyder Cut” will showcase the director’s original vision for the film that he wasn’t able to complete after his daughter committed suicide during production. (Out of respect to Snyder and his family, the social media movement #ReleaseTheSnyderCut often contained a suicide prevention component for this very reason.)

Snyder also recently revealed that he did make future plans for Darkseid that go beyond his soon-to-be-restored appearance in Justice League. Via Comic Book:

“It’s a fair question to ask me, you know, like what do I say to the world about, you know, what happens when Darkseid comes to Earth? Then what? You know, Is that a thing? And I think, listen, the truth is that did I write and did I have and conceive a complete- do I know what happens when Darkseid… yes. I do know what happens. To say and to speculate about what that is and that that would be exciting, I think that’s a fine thing.”

While Snyder didn’t reveal what those exact plans are, there’s one small wrinkle. Ava DuVernay is currently developing a New Gods movie that would presumably involve Darkseid and is not connected to Justice League. However, things have been very fluid with the DC Comics movies lately, and we’re already seeing a multiverse component happening with Michael Keaton’s Batman possibly appearing in The Flash. So who knows what might happen with Snyder’s vision for Darkseid down the line?

(Via Zack Snyder on Twitter)