2 Chainz Broke His Leg, But Kicked Off His Tour Anyway Sitting In An Opulent, Pink Wheelchair

Fans who showed up to the first night of 2 Chainz’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour in Tucson, Arizona received an even bigger surprise than they bargained for, when the man of the hour, rolled out on stage sitting in a pink wheelchair. The artist formerly known as Tity Boi didn’t think to tell anyone publicly about the fact that he broke his leg 11 days ago, had it operated on 10 days ago, and decided to roll on with his performance plans anyway.

In a note he posted to Instagram, Chainz talked about his decision to go on with the show, despite his injury.

So I broke my leg 11 days ago, and had surgery 10 days ago. When I woke up from sedation the doctor told me “Well looks like your gonna have to cancel your tour. “So I told him maybe it means God wants me to use my mind and be creative! So after all the morphine and pains meds wore off I called management and said somebody find me a “pink wheelchair” I can’t let my fans down besides I’m passionate about this sh*t!! Tucson, Arizona thank you for supporting me and rocking with the campaign!! Show was legend ! If you look up resilient in the Webster dictionary it’s gone be a picture of me rocking a f*cking show in a pink wheelchair!! Remember never let anyone or anything get in the way of you being great ! If I can do it you can too.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a major artist has hit the road with a bum leg. Dave Grohl famously toured with Foo Fighters a few years back seated on a huge, metal throne. He actually later lent that set piece to Axl Rose for the first few Guns N’ Roses reunion shows last year, like at Coachella.