21 Savage Weighs In On The ‘Dinner With Jay-Z’ Meme And Reveals His Dream Feature

Twitter isn’t exactly the best place to get financial advice, but that doesn’t stop countless of users listing off their side hustle success stories, get-rich-quick schemes, and unsolicited house flipping suggestions. But one user’s recent assertion that a hypothetical dinner with Jay-Z would be a smarter financial move than taking $500,000 was so outrageous that it went instantly viral. Now, 21 Savage is aiming to turn the viral Twitter anecdote into a reality.

After 21 Savage was recently featured on Drake’s smash-hit Certified Lover Boy, the rapper took to social media to manifest his next career goal. 21 Savage shared on Twitter that his dream collaboration is with none other Jay-Z “Next Goal 21savage ft Jay Z,” he wrote.

Referencing the recurring “dinner with Jay-Z” meme, a listener responded to 21 Savage by advising him to instead “take the 500k.” But 21 Savage doesn’t see why he couldn’t have both. “I’ll get both,” he wrote. “I was blessed with the gift of gab.”

21 Savage having the opportunity to dine with Jay-Z isn’t too far from reality, as the two rappers have been in contact in the past. When 21 Savage was taken into ICE custody in 2019, Jay-Z was at the forefront of the fight to have the rapper released, calling 21 Savage’s arrest a “travesty” and enlisting various attorneys to sort out his legal situation.

After he was freed, 21 Savage even had the opportunity to meet Jay-Z at his house. “When I got out, I pulled up on Jay-Z at his house,” 21 said as a guest on the Big Facts podcast in 2020, according to Complex. “Him and Beyonce was in there. And we was kicking it. He a regular n****. I just was thanking him. When I first got out, I texted him like, ‘Imma pay you back.’ He was like, ‘I don’t want your money, pay me back by being great.’”