50 Cent Was Quick To Fire Off A ‘Big Stepper’ Joke About Draymond Green Stomping Domantas Sabonis

Round one of the NBA Playoffs is well underway and the latest twist in the epic sports narrative that has been the 2023 NBA season is an event that took place during last night’s Game 2 of the series between the Golden State Warriors and the surprise success of the season, the Sacramento Kings.

In the fourth quarter, as the Kings led the Warriors 91-87 in Sacramento, the Dubs’ Draymond Green and the Kings’ Domantas Sabonis got tangled up fighting for a rebound, leading to Sabonis ending up on the floor (for what felt like the 99th time this series) and grabbing at Green’s ankles to prevent him from getting back down the court.

Whether by accident or design, Green wound up planting his foot dead in the middle of his opponent’s chest, resulting in his expulsion from the game. The incident seems to be all anyone can talk about this morning, with Shaq standing up for Draymond on last night’s Inside The NBA and lots of fans chiming in — including rap’s resident supervillain, 50 Cent.

50, who has a drinks partnership with the Kings and attended both games in Sacramento, was quick with the jokes on Instagram. “Said @money23green what the fuck you do that for?” he wrote in the caption of a pair of screenshots of the incident. “He said 50 im a big stepper, i’m out here steppin on sh*t it’s the play offs.”

I guess 50 approves, but that’s no surprise from someone who had as many rivalries on records as Green has had on the court.