50 Cent Hasn’t Collaborated With Lil Wayne Yet, But He’s Hoping It’ll Happen In The Near Future

Based on the titling of 50 Cent’s current live show excursion, The Final Lap Tour, fans may assume that the rapper-turned-mogul will hang up his microphone to focus on his film and television ventures. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. During a recent interview, the Queens native revealed his appearance on Nas’ album Magic 2 was just the beginning.

When Capital XTRA’s hosts Robert Bruce and Shayna Marie asked if there were any other musical acts he’d be interested in working with, he immediately answered that he’d like to collaborate on a new song with Lil Wayne.

“I didn’t do [a song] with Wayne directly. He’s one of the ones that, like — Wayne has been trained,” said 50 as he praised the Young Money Records star.

If a record does come from this shoutout, it wouldn’t be the first time the pair rubbed shoulders. 50 Cent revealed that they rocked the same stages earlier in his career. “People don’t know. I was on the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour — before they opened the curtain. Before the show started, people were still walking in and sh*t, and I was doing my sh*t,” he joked.

He continued, “They thought I was lightweight, but then I came back around.” Even back then, 50 Cent had the foresight that he’d shift the culture of hip-hop.

(Worth noting is that there is a bit of beef history with 50 and Weezy.)

Listen to the full interview above.