Meet The 6-Year-Old Drummer Whose System Of A Down Cover Is Taking Over The Internet

What were you getting up to at age six? Exciting stuff, we imagine. (If memory serves, all my free time was spent getting nose bleeds and watching Jem.) We’d like to introduce you to a Kindergarten-aged Brazilian girl that’s been liquifying brains online with her insane drumming skills and putting grown-ups to shame.

Eduarda Henklein ranks as probably the most adorable drummer you’ll get to know in 2015. This child prodigy became a hit on YouTube thanks to her impressive set of performance videos. The crown jewel? A decidedly bad ass rendition of System of a Down’s 2001 metal offering “Chop Suey” that she hammered out at the age of five. It’s a scene of beauty and brutality from someone that needs a guardian to be allowed on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Eduarda’s “Chop Suey” stylings have gotten the most love online in terms of viewings, but there’s loads more gems to enjoy. Here she is taking on Metallica’s colossal hit “Enter Sandman” and more than holds her own. Consider yourself on notice, Lars Ulrich.

Into something a touch more proggy? Alright beardo, here’s Eduarda tackling Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.”

Maybe you’re in the market for a mix of AC/DC, Pearl Jam and The Beatles? Eduarda can accommodate.

Imagine taking an elementary school music class with this girl while you’re trying to sort out “Hot Crossed Buns” on a xylophone. She is very good and we’re very old.

(via Enstarz)