A Bag Of Air Allegedly Taken From A Kanye West Concert Is Currently Selling For Over $60,000 On Ebay

Earlier this week, a genius put a plastic bag filled with air from a Kanye West show for sale on eBay. According to The Telegraph, the zip-locked bag in question had a starting price of $5.00 and is currently listed at $60,000 with just two days to go. From The Telegraph:

The seller has not had to work hard to convince fans to part with their money. Instead, Pennsylvanian eBay user stangeedon1 has simply explained that this is “Kanye West Yeezus Tour Air For Sale”, and was acquired after he “Held bag open and sealed air in.” He has supplied no evidence to show which concert he was in attendance at.

The lucky fan who ends up winning this item will receive a zipped bag with the words “AIR FROM KANYE SHOW” written on it. Don’t fret, you kooky Kanye Fans! A number of eBay users have since followed suit and are selling their own bags of Yeezus air on the popular auction site.

(Source: The Telegraph)