A Golden Treasury Of Photos Of Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch. You’re Welcome.

06.30.11 18 Comments

I’ve been kind of taken aback by the web chatter that’s ensued in the wake of this photo of Rihanna grabbing her ass making the rounds on the web of yesterday and today. I mean, after seeing it last night I remember immediately thinking, “Wait, didn’t I just see a photo of Rihanna touching herself a few days ago?”

So I did a Google image search using the words “Rihanna crotch grab” to try to find the photo I remembered seeing and HOLY CRAP there’s just an avalanche of photos of her touching herself out there! It was frankly kind of hysterical. Like, it was a big deal when Michael Jackson began grabbing himself onstage in the 80s — it was the new Elvis hip thrust as I recall — but Rihanna’s prolific crotch-grabbing would surely make even MJ blush. Not that we at Uproxx have no problem with it, mind you, it just goes to show you how far(?) we’ve come as a society in regards to our tolerance for such a thing. The Internet is to blame/credit, obviously.

Anyway, here’s some of the photos I ran across in that aforementioned image search. Enjoy…

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