Premiere: A Will Away Grapple With Metaphysical Compromise On ‘Into The Light’

02.23.17 2 years ago

Emily Tantuccio

Sometimes, life can really get the best of you. Whether you’re considering fate or divine power, if you think enough about the “meaning of life,” you’ll often come to the conclusion that, in the end, nothing really matters. With their latest effort Here Again, which also happens to be their first full-length effort, Connecticut punks A Will Away are ready to try to tackle these heavy metaphysical issues, and makes the most of anything and everything that comes with their implications.

Together with the band’s EP Bliss: Finding Comfort In The Pointlessness of Life, Here Again tells the story of “our own life story of coming to grips with, and understanding that life and all of its pursuits and all of its complications and all of its inflictions are meaningless in the scheme of things,” frontman Matt Carlson told me over the phone. However, where Bliss had a somewhat negative sub-title with “Finding Comfort In The Pointlessness of Life,” Here Again takes a more positive approach for its subtitle, “An Exploration Into The Cyclical Nature Of Life,” which does not appear on the album’s cover art, making it even more subtle.

Where Bliss was simply about finding comfort in this nihilistic state, Here Again tries to actively make the most of it understanding by bringing these beliefs into the light, asking you to be present and focused, and using this nihilistic headspace as a source for positivity, rather than negativity.

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