Aaliyah’s Greatest Hits Are Finally Available On Apple Music And Spotify [Update]

Update: As quickly as it came, Ultimate Aaliyah has once again been removed from iTunes. Full info has been added at the bottom of the article.

File this one under speaking things into existence. Last month, Complex published an article examining why the late singer Aaliyah’s most well known songs weren’t available for streaming and the detrimental effect it could have on her legacy. Someone who holds the keys must have gotten the memo because now her greatest hits are currently available for streaming on Apple Music and purchase on iTunes.

Prior to Wednesday night, only Aaliyah’s 1994 debut Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number was available on digital platforms, while two of her key works — One In a Million and Aaliyah — and the songs they contain were missing. As Complex pointed out, Blackground Records, run by the singer’s uncle Barry Hankerson, held the rights to her works and no real explanation has ever been given as to why her music wasn’t accessible on iTunes, Spotify or any other platform.

The new collection, titled Ultimate Aaliyah, released by Craze Productions, has fan favorites like “One In a Million,” “Rock the Boat,” and “Are You That Somebody,” aka the ones many a teenage girl sang in the mirror while trying to mimic Baby Girl’s patented dances moves. The project was originally released in 2005 by Blackground and it’s not exactly clear how Craze had any current rights to the catalog, especially considering the two companies have sparred before over the sale of Aaliyah’s music, but we’ll leave that for the labels and lawyers to sort out. For now, stream below or Spotify if you prefer and buy it on iTunes.

Update: As quickly as it came, Ultimate Aaliyah has once again been removed from iTunes. Although no clear explanation has been given, Reservoir Media, who currently holds the rights to the singer’s discography, reportedly indicated they were working on having it removed and now it’s gone. No further details are available from London-based Crazed Productions or Apple at this time regarding how the the music originally was added or why it was removed today.