Aaron Carter Is Openly Pining For His Lost Love, Hilary Duff, On Twitter

Long before Selena Gomez was addicted to Justin Bieber’s prison wang and Vanessa Hudgens was the better half of Zac Efron, Hollywood’s 647th most important young couple was Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter, as the two dated from 2001 to 2003. Their relationship was a troubled one, though, as Carter had eyes bigger than his heart and soon put Duff in his rear view mirror for a brief notch on Lindsay Lohan’s stolen belt. Carter realized his mistake and tried to make things right with Duff, but he eventually cheated on her again, and a huge feud between Duff and Lohan was established. All because of the guy who gave us “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”

All these years later, Duff’s marriage is ending and that had Carter thinking that it’s time for a reunion of the two forgotten stars. Duff was, of course, married to NHL player Mike Comrie, with whom she has a child, and Carter is just a dude trying to restart his music career after a downward spiral that featured a failed reality series, a stint in rehab and filing for bankruptcy. Why wouldn’t she want to give him another shot 11 years later? Naturally, like any romantic, Carter spilled his heart to Twitter yesterday.

It started with a simple RT of a photo that doesn’t even look like Duff, but there’s nothing a woman loves more than a guy who retweets her photo from a gimmick account.

Next, it was time to be poetic, because the ladies love when a guy really bares his soul, too.

And don’t be that stupid douche that cheats on the love of his life with Lindsay Lohan either. Not because it’ll break the girl’s heart, but because you’ll probably catch something.

Now, I’m sure that a lot of you never even made it past the title of this post before writing something like, “Why is this news? Journalism is DEAD” and probably something about “real news” and “the truth about Benghazi” on Facebook. But Carter’s pathetic pandering got me thinking about an awesome reality show idea. What if we took former lovers like Carter and Duff and set them up on blind dates to see if we could reignite their spark? And as an added twist, we’ll secretly send in the people that they cheated with so they can test their new bond. I think it has legs, and I’m willing to let a network have the idea for free as long as I get a producer’s credit and they use this song as the theme: