Adam Sandler Dropped ‘Chanukah Song, Part 4’ In Time For The Holidays

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Make no mistake, Adam Sandler is a clever one. He felt a backlash from the Ridiculous Six controversy, which generated a fair amount of outrage. The production’s controversy did not phase Sandler, but something worse happened. People realized Sandler’s been recycling the same jokes for decades. When only Vanilla Ice stepped up in defense, it became obvious that Sandler needed to usher in some big nostalgia guns. Will it work?

Enter the newest incarnation of Sandler’s iconic “Chanukah Song,” which contains a “fourth list of people who are Jewish.” Sandler debuted the performance, which is the first new version since 2002’s part three, on his Happy Madison YouTube Channel. The latest update includes shoutouts to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Hulk Hogan, and Ron Jeremy. He also gave a shoutout to Scarlett Johansson and lands a “Shia LaBeouf is half a Jew, but 100 percent nutty.” There’s even a very special address to “Jared from Subway.”

This newest update hits the Internet just in time for Thanksgiving, so perhaps the YouTube refreshes will continue long after the leftover turkey sandwiches disappear. Sandler’s still relying on his old material, but at least people had the warmies for the original song. If you feel the goodwill, then you won’t mind indulging in this throwback video, the original “Chanukah Song” from SNL Weekend Update in 1994.

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