Adele Forgets The Lyrics To Her Own Song And Reacts The Same Way You Would

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Adele has it all: a hit record, a historic record contract, a son who really loves Frozen. But she’s not perfect, and that’s why her fans love her. They see themselves in Adele’s songs — “Hello” is emotionally effective because we’ve all been there, calling someone a thousand times just to say “I’m sorry.” They also see themselves as Adele, especially when something goes wrong.

During a recent stop in Lisbon, Portugal, in support of her history-making album, 25, Adele was performing “A Million Years Ago” when she forgot the words to the song. How did she react? By doing what you would: Swearing. “Sh*t, wrong words,” she said. “Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. Should I sing the right words? Sorry.” The crowd ate it up, laughing in support of Adele’s lyrical flub.

It’s a far different reaction than what happened during the Grammys, when the piano microphones fell on to the piano strings, causing Adele’s voice to sound off. She “cried pretty much” all the next day. “It threw the whole thing off,” Adele told Ellen. “Next time I have any sound issues, I am going to start over. [I will tell them] ‘sorry, that’s not working for me.’ Otherwise… bye!”

Why not both? The swearing and the “bye!” It’s what Malcolm Tucker would do.

(Via Time)