Adele Shows She Is A Bad Liar Before She Shows Off Her Pipes With ‘Water Under The Bridge’

The Tonight Show went heavy on Adele on Monday, giving the singer some interview time, a game to play, and a musical segment to close out the show. It was almost like Kelly Ripa was just there to balance out Adele’s appearance. It also helps that she has an NBC special coming up, so the adoration isn’t just out of the blue. I’m sure Jimmy Fallon is a big fan, though. Everybody on the planet seems to be a big fan.

Adele performed “Water Under the Bridge” to close out the show, and it’s a complete shift from 25‘s hit song “Hello.” The themes are still the same, with love and all that junk, but it is far more upbeat.

Before we got to the main-event, though, Adele sat down to play around with Jimmy Fallon in Box of Lies and proved she was a terrible liar. The unintentional comedy of the whole thing is Fallon’s one and only box contains a Simon game board with three regular noses attached and one nose that looks exactly like a tiny penis.

If it’s planned and he knew about it before the game, he’s pretty good at acting surprised. His reaction seems genuine and he ends up trying to hide it after a bit. The funnier part is that all of those other noses were real noses… and nobody said a word.

(Via The Tonight Show)