Ashton Kutcher Talked About Pranking Drake And A 50 Cent ‘Punk’d’ Segment That Didn’t Air

Punk’d was a wonderful show led by Ashton Kutcher that gave us Justin Timberlake watching his life get ruined and Zach Braff actually punching a pre-teen. But Kutcher says that the best parts of the show still never made it out of the editing room. On The Late Late Show, The Ranch star revealed his favorite reaction and a bit with an unnamed rapper (*cough cough* 50 Cent) that never made it on the show.

While the segment in which they convince Drake he’s going through an earthquake did air, Kutcher said they had to cut his favorite reaction.

“He was in the car and we started rattling the car and the whole garage, and he jumped in his buddy’s lap and he’s like literally fetal-ed up. Canadian fetal-ed up into his buddy’s lap. And I was like, ‘Yo, Drake just fetal-ed up,’ and then we had to cut that out.”

*cue a million “Drake the type…” jokes*

Danny Masterson added that a lot of the footage that didn’t make it onto the show was “incriminating” or embarrassing, which led Ashton to discuss a prank on a “well-respected hip-hop artist who’s like hard.” When the Punk’d crew searched totally-not-50-Cent’s plane, the rapper — who definitely wasn’t Fif — took off running down the tarmac.

“And he got off the plane and started running and I had to run after him for like two miles to catch him. He was just gone. And I’m like ‘Dude, it’s a joke! It’s a joke!’ “

Retired soccer player Thierry Henry seemed to understand that reaction.

“That’s when you’re from the hood,” he said. “When you just run.”