Alicia Keys And Miguel Grapple With A Failing Relationship In Her New ‘Show Me Love’ Video

Alicia Keys is back with new music. Tuesday, Alicia released a surprise video with Miguel for her song “Show Me, Love”. In addition to Alicia and Miguel, the video stars Michael B. Jordan, Zoe Saldana, and Saldana’s husband Marco Perego.

Considered a “visual and sonic installation,” in the video’s opening credits, from the onset, the video moves in slow motion with a series of cutaway shots to Michael’s character, Zoe and Marco’s characters, and, finally, to Alicia and Miguel. Alicia and Miguel appear on screen in a room with rain coming down on it. Both characters have their backs facing each other, as Alicia leans on her piano and Miguel faces the wall.

As the song starts, Miguel and Marco’s character move toward their respective partners as if they’re on rewind. Whereas Marco’s character is having slightly positive results trying to reconcile with his partner and show her love, Miguel’s character ends up jettisoned by Alicia when he tries to inch closer.

Meanwhile, Michael’s character, who appears to be moving without cause outside in a rainstorm is revealed to be inching closer toward a lady friend of his own toward the end of the video. As the video ends, Zoe and Marco’s characters reconcile (and start to show viewers their love), while Michael’s character crawls to the feet of his woman to help himself up and hug her. The couple embraces for a hug. The video ends with Miguel floating in the air, while Alicia falls to the floor in a puddle that she sinks to the bottom of in the video’s last shot.

Earlier this year, Alicia helped honor the late Aretha Franklin with SZA. Miguel released a Spanish-language EP featuring cuts from his 2017 album War & Leisure.