Alicia Keys Pens Touching Poems About Her Son And Hope As Protests Continue

People cope with stress and tragedy in different ways. For Alicia Keys, one of the tools she has used lately is poetry, as she has shared a pair of poems related to the ongoing protests over the past few days.

Today, she posted photos of her son and wrote a poem about him, which reads:

“My beautiful baby boy ⁣
So curious and pure ⁣
Yet SO clear about what you don’t want ⁣
“NO!” you say with vigor ⁣
When you don’t like something going on in your small but powerful 5-year-old-world⁣
I hope that never changes⁣
I hope that inner strength and fire ⁣
Never extinguishes⁣
And you never feel the sway to fit in⁣
Or be silenced⁣
I have a STRONG feeling you won’t ⁣
That’s just not the fabric from which u came⁣
Look at you:⁣
Future architect, Builder, Mastermind, Wisdom keeper, Re-shaper, Change maker… ⁣
My Beautiful Baby Boy⁣
You are unstoppable!!!⁣”

A few days ago, she shared another poem on Instagram, and it reads, “Please place the light in the hearts that feel darkness. Place the wings on the back of those that feel hopeless. Place love in the souls of the ones that are heartless. There’s no stopping us. Ain’t no stopping us!” she captioned that post, “We need more than poems. We need deep systemic change. ⁣But when I wrote these words it was a little prayer that I personally needed. Maybe u do too.”

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