Amazon Says Turntable Sales Beat Out All Other Home Audio Products This Christmas

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Hip-mas. The “vinyl revival” continues to outrun the fates suffered other trendy think-piece fodder, with a budget turntable selling better than any other home-audio product on Amazon this holiday season.

According to a press release by the online retailer, Jensen’s sub-$50 turntable with built-in speakers was the number one home-audio gift, beating out two separate sets of speakers built for streaming audio around the house. The boom in budget turntable sales likely means a lot of first-time vinyl listeners, helping to sustain the boom that the format has seen in the last few years.

The RIAA has already revealed that more vinyl was sold in the last year than in any year since 1989. Sales numbers are up 52 percent just over last year and 9 million records were sold in the first half of the year alone. Hell, the boom has gotten so big that even noted penny-scammers Columbia House have returned from the grave to hawk vinyl bundles.

Add in these turntable sales numbers (and the fact that the vast majority of vinyl buyers are men under the age of 25) and there’s little reason to expect that vinyl will slow down any time soon.

(Via The Vinyl Factory)