Belgian Techno Producer Amelie Lens Launches A New Label, LENSKE, With The Unforgiving ‘Jealousy’

03.28.18 1 year ago

Though Amelie Lens has been busy taking over big rooms across the globe on a seemingly endless tour, she still finds time to make new music and now, launch a new label.

Called LENSKE, the label’s name is a play on her own. To mark the announcement of the new venture, Lens has shared a track from the label’s first release from fellow Belgian artist Farrago. “Jealousy” is a collaboration between Lens and Farrago set to appear on Farrago’s Risin’ EP in May.

Described as a “jaw grinding banger” by the label, the song’s pounding beat feels made for rooms packed with people. Sampled male and female vocals trade lines “stop!” and “jealousy” back and forth like a dancefloor drama unfolding before our eyes and ears. Rather than dial down on the intensity, Lens and Farrago keep the tension building over the course of six minutes like a mad warehouse wrecking crew.

Lens has more new music forthcoming, a split EP with Madrid’s Regal. The four track EP will be a proper split, with two artists providing two original tracks, and then remixing the others’ contributions. You can hear snippets of the EP here.

Risin’ Tracklist
1. Farrago — “The Riddler”
2. Farrago — “Risin'” (Kobosil Apathy Remix)
3. Farrago & Amelie Lens — “Jealousy”
4. Farrago — “Hidden Power”

Risin’ will arrive on 5/25 via LENSKE.

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