Aminé Lights Up The Stage To Flex On His Exes With A ‘Wedding Crashers’ Late Night Performance

2017 XXL Freshmen, Aminé hits the stage along slide Migos’ Offset to perform his latest single “Wedding Crashers” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. This vibrant rapper from Portland, Oregon solidified his spot as someone to watch out for in 2017 with his hit single “Caroline,” which has over 200 million plays on Spotify, and his breakout single “REDMERCEDES” which was released earlier this year. His debut album Good For You is out at the end of the week, hence the late night appearances.

Aminé has marketed himself as the cool, young, goofy, brightly colored funny guy of the new generation. Giving us a vibe that is different than some of the newer artists that have came up in 2017, by pulling stunts like making his own newspaper. Many of Aminé videos feature his friends and revolve around them acting a fool. For an example the “REDMERCEDES” video feature him and his crew in full “white dad” costumes at a car dealership. Even though the video is a lot of fun it does comment on race relations which is something the 23-year-old is not afraid to epak on. If you check out his Jimmy Fallon performance, he strips down “Caroline” and adds a verse at the end that comments further on being black in America.

Aminé has a lot of talent and personality to showcase and he lets us see it and his energy on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He performs this “tribute to the exes” in a baby blue suit accompanied by a singing quartet in matching attire — and Offset, who seems to have lost his shirt. “Wedding Crashers” is definitely a song that people will get hip to, because it’s a sweet sound and it’s about flexing on you ex, a tried and true topic. Watch above and look for much more from him this summer.