Amy Schumer Nails Pop Music Hypocrisy With ‘Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup’

04.29.15 3 years ago 22 Comments

When pop music is at its best, it can enrich our lives and bring us the greatest of joys with infectious and heartfelt songs. However, when it’s at its worst, it can seek out our deepest emotional insecurities and capitalize on them. This week on Inside Amy Schumer, Amy decided to hilariously portray a real-life version of men not caring about outer beauty, one of pop’s most tried and true expressions.

A group of handsome young lads, not unlike One Direction, sing a song to Amy about how she doesn’t realize her inner beauty, telling her to ditch her makeup in what sounds an awful lot like “What Makes You Beautiful,” among countless others. However, upon seeing her without any makeup, the boys immediately change their tune, figuratively and literally. Please, don’t be mistaken. The takeaway here isn’t that inner beauty isn’t important or that pop music is bad, it’s that teenage boys are never to be trusted. Maybe older ones, too. Just take all statements with caution and a grain of salt, to be safe.

(Via Comedy Central)

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