Watch Amy Schumer Get Spanked, Humped, And Twerk At A Madonna Show

There are few things that Amy Schumer touches these days that don’t immediately turn to gold. Obviously, her day job of stand-up comic is always evergreen, and the logical turn into film with Trainwreck was a roaring success. But now she’s decided she wants to take on the music world, too.

Hell, she’s already shown she can rap with Talib Kweli and dance with Billy Joel (along with Jennifer Lawrence with the assist), so news of her joining Madonna on stage isn’t all that surprising. Now, her lifting up her skirt to moon the crowd and get spanked — that might not be what people were expecting.

As a part of her Rebel Heart tour stop at New York’s Madison Square Garden, the veteran Queen of Pop invited the red hot comedian up to the stage during her performance of “Unapologetic B*tch” for a quick slap and kick. Schumer was there as the opening act for Madge that night, as she’ll be for all of her NYC area shows.

In reference to the gig, Schumer told the crowd, “Who better to open for Madonna than me? The answer: Literally, any band.”

We think it still turned out pretty good for the both of you.

(via NME)