Anders From ‘Workaholics’ Just Released A Dance Album, And It’s Good?

If you’ve ever watched the great Comedy Central series Workaholics, you know that the fictionalized version of Anders Holm would love nothing more than to live out his musical dreams. His fascination with R&B stars like R. Kelly and Jamie Foxx, as well as the whole group’s multiple attempts at making Wizard Rap happen has led to some pretty funny TV moments. But now the comedian has released a new dance-rap EP called You Can’t Run from the Rhythm with Chicago alt-rapper Serengeti under the name Perfecto, and the result is something that would actually fit perfectly within the early ’90s musical landscape.

Citing Snap!, C+C Music Factory, and Technotronic as influences, maybe this isn’t Holm’s 100 percent serious turn into the music world. But with the fact that most music these days is being released into the wild with a dose of irony, it’s actually not that bad. To celebrate the surprise release, Perfecto also released a video on Pitchfork for their lead single “Giorgio,” perhaps as an homage to Italo disco and dance-music legend Giorgio Moroder, or perhaps as just nonsense to seem more European.

The track is easily something that could be found on a Jock Jams compilation or one of those TV nine-CD box sets that no one must actually buy. If it’s a goof or not, all that really matters is that if you’re jump-roping or doing some other kind of antiquated ’90s workout, this song gets you moving. With You Can’t Run From the Rhythm, it seems like Anders may have a success on his hands here.

(Via Pitchfork)

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