Anitta And Maluma Are Movie Stars In Their New Video, ‘El Que Espera’

Anitta and Maluma have just dropped a steamy new video. In “El Que Espera,” the two international music superstars appear on the set of a film production. When the cameras are rolling, the two seem to be happy, passionate lovers, but when they’re off, the arguments ensue.

This year has been an exciting year for Anitta, as the Brazilian superstar dropped her much-anticipated album, Versions Of Me, performed at Coachella, and made an appearance at the Met Gala. But no matter how quickly her star is rising, she promises to always be a source of inspiration to her home country, Brazil.

“When we get fame, we can get lost in this game and forget who we are,” she said in recent interview with Interview. “Why did I start this whole thing? Why am I doing this? For me, it was never about getting famous and rich. It was about changing my people’s lives, my country’s life. So if I’m going to the Met Gala or Coachella or the VMAs, it’s not because I want to show off. It’s because I want my country to believe that they can go to places that they’ve never been.”

Check out “El Que Espera” above.

Anitta is a Warner Music artist. .