The Weeknd Sings In Spanish On Maluma’s New ‘Hawái’ Remix

Maluma had himself a Latin hit this summer with “Hawái,” which topped the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart as well as charts in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Spain. He also performed it at this year’s MTV VMAs. Now the song has gotten a second wind thanks to a remix featuring one of 2020’s biggest stars: The Weeknd.

The video begins with The Weeknd singing the song on a club stage, and he sings on his opening verse, “So now he’s your heaven / You’re lying to yourself and him to make me jealous / You put on such an act when you’re sleepin’ together / All this ’cause I said I don’t want marriage / I don’t want marriage.” On the hook, he gets some Spanish lyrics in, too.

Maluma recently said of the song, “This is one of my favorite tracks. It was written [by several of Maluma’s longtime collaborators] in a song camp in Hawaii. Then the song reached [songwriter/producer] Edgar Barrera and she showed it to me. I fell in love with the intro chorus and I wrote the verse. When I finished recording I called my management and said, ‘Boys, I have the first single.’ And that was the beginning of this Papi Juancho project. It was one of the few songs I recorded before COVID. And it’s a very real song, very from the heart, with good lyrics, and good content. Truth is, I get bored of the same old reggaeton. It’s good to add lyrical content to the songs.”

Watch the video for the “Hawái” remix above.