Anti-Obesity Chef Jamie Oliver Discovers Joy Division & New Order Master Tapes In Restaurant Basement

Well hoooollllleeee shhhhheeeeeeiiiiitttt, Mable. Remember that chef from the teevee, the one who talked like a fancy tart that was trying to get fat people to eat better? Well he was digging around in his basement one day and found some old music tapes, right next to some gold and some guns. YEEHAW!

Reports NME:

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has apparently found rare Joy Division and New Order master tapes when digging up the basement of a new restaurant in Manchester.

The new restaurant, which is being built in a former branch of Midland bank, was being excavated when the tapes were found, alongside guns, gold and jewellery. The total value of the haul is £1.1 million…Oliver has since given everything found in the basement to the treasury.

No word as of yet as to how the tapes, gold and guns got lost in the space, but I’m dying to know the story. In case you didn’t know, New Order is the band that the surviving members of Joy Division formed after bandmate Ian Curtis died. Coincidentally, New Order recently reunited and is currently touring. Here they are performing Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in Brussels back in October of last year.


(Pic via Warming Glow)