Should You Switch To Apple Music? We Compared It To Spotify, Tidal, And The Rest

06.08.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

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Music streaming services have matured to the point of offering mostly the same basic features: offline storage, curated radio stations / playlists, music discovery, and exclusive content.

The choice comes down to the music you can’t live without, and all-around experience. While each service’s music catalog has about the same number of songs, the actual licensed artists, albums, and tracks vary — especially with artist exclusives becoming more popular. There were already many options for consumers to choose from, and that was before Apple Music was announced at Monday’s WWDC keynote. It appears to be another winner for Apple. But is it enough of a winner for you to switch from whichever service you currently belong to? And if you’re just entering the world of streaming, which service should you join? Here’s a scorecard.

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