Big Sean Wanted To Give Ariana Grande the ‘D’, But Her Father Shut Him Down With One Instagram Comment

Big Sean Instagram Give Her that D Ariana Grande Dad
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Big Sean is currently on tour in support of his chart-topping album, Dark Sky Paradise. The rapper has had no scheduled dates in his Motor City hometown, so when he posted a new Instagram photo captioned “I give her that D…” fans quickly speculated he was making a sexual reference to girlfriend Ariana Grande. (“Love Me Harder” suddenly has a new meaning.)

They weren’t alone, either. Grande’s dad, Edward Butera, whose Instagram profile picture is a cute father-daughter snapshot, chimed in with a very parental response to the dirty remarks and effectively put Big Sean in his place: “that D. better be Detroit Sean.”

I’ve never met Butera, nor heard him speak, but I can imagine those words being uttered with the kind of fire and menace that only a protective dad could possibly evoke. Consider yourself warned, Little Sean. Butera ought to consider next having a little talk with Justin Bieber, who recently got pretty grabby with the “Break Free” pop singer at a concert.

(Via Life & Style)