Avenged Sevenfold Are Protesting The Grammys Because The Rock Awards Are No Longer Televised

Getty Image

Up against Metallica’s “Atlas, Rise” and Foo Fighters’ “Run,” California heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold have quite the competition for Best Rock Song at the Grammys this weekend. However, the members will not be in attendance at the ceremony in protest of the Grammys broadcast no longer including the rock awards.

When asked how they felt about their nomination during a Twitter Q&A session, the band said that they were honored, but would nonetheless be sitting the ceremony out. “Honored,” the tweet read. “Unfortunately they have taken ‘Best Rock Song’ off the telecast this year so we won’t be attending. Maybe next time.”

They then concluded the Q&A session with a tweet wishing the best of luck to their competition in the category and saying that, “regardless of the outcome, we want to thank each and every fan for their continued support.” Check out both tweets below.

The winner of the Best Rock Song award — and the abnormally contentious and highly intriguing Album of the Year award — will be revealed this Sunday, when the Grammys return to New York for the first time in fifteen years. Hey, don’t worry Avenged Sevenfold, sometimes losing a Grammy actually helps an artist more.