Azealia Banks Hurled A Series Of Bizarre Threats At A Fan On Instagram

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Azealia Banks recently made headlines by going ballistic on an airplane. She spewed homophobic slurs and punched a French passenger after he blocked the aisle for one second while reaching for his overhead luggage. Travel can be stressful, but Banks has a reputation for overreacting and making everything all about her. She also interprets and validates criticism for her actions as being a comment upon race.

As such, Banks reflected upon the airplane situation by Instagramming this “inspirational” statement about hugs (and money) with this caption: “I have never felt the pain of not being white the way I’ve felt it since I’ve been a public figure/part of this entertainment industry.”

Somehow, Azealia still has some fans who care about her updates. One with the @a_sanctuary_found commented, “Imagine the pain young gay fans feel when they hear the vile things you say.” This perfectly valid comment led Banks to fire off a series of now-deleted retorts:

(1) “oh well imagine how I wanna spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray everytime he calls me a b*tch a slut or a hoe. Kiss my ass. Goodnight.”

(2) “Keep f*cking with me if you f*cking want to.”

(3) “One day your hemmroids [sic] are going to burst and you’ll bleed to death b*tch.”

(4) “Yea keep trolling for d*ck on grindr. You’ll be murdered and stuffed under a truck somewhere soon.”

This is the sort of behavior that has caused Banks to lose (at least two) record contracts. She has a reputation for being difficult, and her behavior has accelerated to the point where she’s alienated much of her fan base. Her natural reaction is to hurl death wishes when someone calls her out on documented behavior. Banks needs an intervention (and not simply from a PR standpoint).

(Via Refinery 29)