Baby Keem Lyrics Are Getting Fans Suspended On Twitter

Complex reports that Twitter users have been receiving suspensions for quoting lyrics from rising rapper Baby Keem. Keem himself first drew attention to the problem on Twitter last week, tweeting in wonderment that fans tweeting his lyrics were being put in “Twitter jail,” slang among users for being temporarily suspended from posting to the app. “So like… if you quote Baby Keem lyrics they put you in twitter jail?” he wrote. “Free my dawgs.”

Per Complex‘s investigation, fans appear to be getting caught by the app’s security and safety algorithms, which specifically look for key phrases or tweets containing words that appear to engage in targeted harassment or threats. Some of the lines from Baby Keem’s breakout single “Orange Soda” appear to fit the description; one fan who tweeted “when you come to the crib, you better die, hoe” was banned for 24 hours. Another fan who tweeted the chorus (“F*ck you mean? Bitch, I’m Baby Keem”) from Baby Keem’s eponymous song was also handed a suspension, although they were later able to tweet it in a censored format with no problem.

Twitter’s algorithms may be getting more of a workout soon enough; Keem was recently featured in the sizzle reel for Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s media company endeavor, exposing him to a wider audience and almost ensuring a precipitous rise in popularity for the young Las Vegas rapper. For all those Keem fans out there, just make sure you consider how those lyrics might look if you didn’t know they were lyrics.

Check out Keem’s video for “Orange Soda” above.