Yung Baby Tate Has Updated Her Rap Name — She’s Just Baby Tate Now

For young rap stars, sometimes learning how to change and grow is the most important part of evolving into the artist they want to become. And for Uproxx cover star Yung Baby Tate, that evolution means a name change: She will now be going by just Baby Tate. She’s not the only rising female rapper to recently undergo a nomenclature shift — Latto is the second artist name that Alyssa Stephens has used since breaking out in the hip-hop world. While Tate’s shift isn’t due to backlash from fans like Latto’s was, it still represents a brand new era for the young artist.

Along with her name change, she let fans know that she’s now signed to a new label, Warner Records, and that new music is coming very soon. After initially signing a deal with Issa Rae’s record label Raedio, Tate has now made the jump over to Warner.

“New name, new label, new song drops 10/29,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

While she hasn’t shared any other previews of what the song might sound like, a tagline on the song’s artwork offers a hint: “I might be crazy but at least I’m authentic.” Keep an ear out for that new song dropping later this month, and lots more updates from the newly-minted Baby Tate.