Bad Bunny Got Body-Slammed By Brock Lesnar At The WWE Royal Rumble

Bad Bunny should really be taking it easy. He’s got his Último Tour del Mundo starting on February 9th in Denver and his World’s Hottest Tour of North and South American stadiums starting in August. If he keeps entering the wrestling ring to grapple with a WWE savage like Brock Lesnar, though, he might not make it to either of those.

That statement might sound preposterous, but that’s exactly what happened this past Saturday night (January 29th) at WWE’s Royal Rumble in St. Louis, Missouri. You see, last year, the Puerto Rican reggaeton star and reigning Spotify streaming king merely performed his song “Booker T” at the event, but this year he actually got in the ring, and it wasn’t pretty. Bad Bunny was first body-slammed by the eventual Royal Rumble champion Brock Lesnar, who then tossed over the ropes like yesterday’s laundry.

The Royal Rumble is a last-man-standing competition, so you have to throw everyone out of the ring to be crowned the victor. Lesnar had just eliminated a wrestler when Bad Bunny knew he was surely next and he retreated to a corner of the ring, looking visibly freaked out. “Did you see the look on bad Bunny’s face?” one announcer says. Before the other announcer shouts, “Jump over the rope Bad Bunny! You got two tours! You got fans, you got music to make!” But it was too late. Lesnar made quick work of Bad Bunny and here’s hoping Bad Bunny has.. .errr… recovered, in time for his tours (wink, wink).

Watch the video of Brock Lesnar “decimating” Bad Bunny above.