Remember ‘Balloon Boy’? He And His Brothers Are In A Heavy Metal Band Now

Remember the Balloon Boy? Back in 2009, we were led to believe that the aptly named Falcon Heene, a 9-year-old child, was trapped in a helium balloon that was flying through the skies. Young Falcon was found in an attic, and it turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a family that had made two appearances on Wife Swap. Richard Heene, the patriarch of the family, ended up in jail for 90 days, and then everybody went on with their lives. Including the Balloon Boy, who is, of course, the frontman in a heavy metal band with his brothers. Falcon is the singer.

The Heene Boyz, who go with a “z” to let people know they aren’t effing around here, have released a new song called “Balloon Boy No Hoax,” which claims, amongst other things, that the police lied about the situation, and forced their dad to take a plea deal to save his Japanese wife from deportation. Shots are fired at Wolf Blitzer.

The Heene Boyz are on the case, trying to wake up the sheeple who think that a child can’t both be asleep in an attic and in a runaway balloon at the same time. They also apparently have plans for a rock opera called American Chilly that is about a “gas station owner who loses his mind after taking peyote, setting off a gross and grisly escapade involving laxative-laced chili.” Keep your calendars open.

(Via The AV Club)