Crate-Digging: Salome Leclerc, Heron Hunt, And More Bandcamp Albums From October


Crate Digging is Uproxx Music’s monthly exploration of the depths of DIY music distribution platform Bandcamp, in an effort to unearth some hidden gem albums that just might find their spot among your favorites.

If you thought fall was the season of change, just wait for winter, when the ground gets covered in a sheet of white (making the bold assumption that you’re in a snowy area). In some places, winter starts in November, but before that, let’s start making some change of our own by stepping outside of our musical bubbles. It’s time to try on some different music and see how it feels, courtesy of Bandcamp. The music that the platform brought forth in October mirrors some of the primary winter feelings, from the coziness of curling up on the couch as the snow gently falls, to the energy you might be holding inside as the weather holds you inside your living room. Keep reading to find out what I’m talking about and to explore the finest albums Bandcamp had to offer this month.

5. Glass Wings — Everything And Nothing

This UK singer-songwriter thrives in the upper register on his debut album. He’s often in falsetto or something near it on “Dragonfly,” a gentle folky song that occupies a very calming space for four minutes. He works a more soulful influence into the mix as well, on tracks like “On My Mind.” He even tries some stomping blues-rock on “Hold On.” All in all, Everything And Nothing has its moments, and it’s an easy record to listen to.

4. He Mocks The Universe — The Ballroom