The Rap Tribute To Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ You Never Knew You Needed Is Here

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08.08.16 2 Comments

We’re eight months into 2016 and the only thing we can be absolutely sure of is a supergroup consisting of David Bowie, Prince, Harambe and Barb from Stranger Things. I’m not sure if this would be a musical group, or maybe a superhero squad in which they go around being appreciated by the internet, but in these divisive times, it’s just good to know that we can all agree on a few things. Mostly Barb being awesome.

See, some people don’t get Barb. She represents Nancy’s conscience. She avoids being sexual, she makes the smart decisions. And yet, she pays the price in a reversal of typical horror movie tropes. Of course, Barb is open to interpretation, like any good character, but one thing that isn’t debatable is Barb’s clutch on the internet. Now, we have Dr. Chorizo dropping a rap tribute to the doomed high schooler of Hawkins, Ind. It’s truly wonderful.

For those of us that do get it, this hook will run through your head while you dream of big glasses and unappreciated friendships:

“R.I.P./ Rest in peace, Barb/ I’m sorry that monster rolled up on you so hard.” (H/T Rolling Stone)

Barb is the most important woman to be discussed in a song since Becky with the good hair.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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