This Nose Flute Cover Of The Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’ Is Now The Definitive Version

The 1966 Beach Boys LP Pet Sounds is collectively known as one of the finest works in all of modern day popular music. “God Only Knows,” perhaps the most popular song from the album, has endured in the hearts of fans for nearly half a century. So, when the BBC assembles every musician imaginable to cover the song like they did last year, it portrays the song with the gravitas and dignity it deserves. Just like when this guy covers the song on a nose flute.

YouTuber and musician Will Grove-White’s nasal cover of the baroque pop masterpiece is impressive not only because of the accuracy, but really because of the incredible effort. It’s a guarantee that most people would probably pass out halfway through the iconic track, wake up with a nose flute on their face, and think to themselves: “What the hell is wrong with me?” That’s why we leave these things to established professionals.

(Via Will Grove-White)