Belle & Sebastian Have Written The Olympic Anthem We Deserve With ‘Olympic Village, 6am’

08.10.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Who would have thought that Belle & Sebastian were such big fans of the Olympics? First it’s Leslie Jones and now it’s the Scottish indie pop band. Man, the Olympics sure know how to bring some random celebrities into the mix. Who could possibly come out next and pledge their allegiance and support for the Olympics? Michael Stipe? Reese Witherspoon? What is the original cast of The State doing right now?

Belle & Sebastian have released “Olympic Village, 6am,” their crack at an anthem to the games currently going on down in Brazil. If the tune doesn’t make you want to jump up and run a 100-meter dash, then I’m sorry, you might not have a soul. I bet even Michael Phelps can get down with this uplifting jam, Phelps Face and all. The song is pure pop goodness and comes with a video made up of archival footage from the BBC, as well as clips of Belle & Sebastian’s frontman Stuart Murdoch running, a sport near and dear to the band’s heart.

In a statement, Murdoch explained why the band decided to write the song.

“Belle and Sebastian dig the Olympics, love the Olympic ideal, love that the world gets together for a big ‘sports day’ once every four years. We can’t be part of it, though we’d like to be. So we recorded a piece of music with Rio in mind, specifically the Track and Field. Here it is: “Olympic Village, 6am.” “

I’m sure the official anthem is untouchable in terms of replacing it, but I think we could at least discuss it. What’s the harm?

(Via Pitchfork)

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