Meme Watch: Douchebag Guitarist Is Ready To Tear Up Guitar Center With Some Stairway

The Douchebag Guitarist meme has been around for a while, but it was based on a less interesting photo and wasn’t really catching on. Then, this past Tuesday, a Redditor found the perfect storm of guitarist stereotypes embodied in the photo above, and the meme was resurrected in its new, “sensitive guy” form. Gee, I hope he plays “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Nobody who’s recently purchased a capo ever plays that one.

The Douchebag Guitarist is the guy who only knows four chords but wants to make sure every woman in the room hears them. We’ve all had to ignore this guy at a party or perhaps when he was an upstairs neighbor who played one awful song five times in a row every day for ten weeks straight, yet somehow never improved. I hate you, Paul. I hate you so much.

Our favorite 45 Douchebag Guitarist macros are collected here courtesy of Quickmeme. Remember them when you run into a douchebag with a guitar, say, this weekend. Thanks to Pleated-Jeans for the assist.