Beyoncé Said Her Birkin Bags Are In Storage And Some People Are Not Happy About It

When an act is as big as Beyoncé, anything they do will be polarizing. Thus, it is no surprise that her latest album Renaissance
is being praised for its musicality, but panned for specific samples or lyrics. After an initial onslaught from Kelis and the subsequent demands of fans denouncing ableism, the Lemonade artist has now drawn the ire of Birkin bag owners.

On the album closer, “Summer Renaissance,” the Houston artist proclaims “This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them shit’s in storage” after listing off other brands such as Versace, Bottega, and Dior. Though Birkins have been popular within the culture for quite some time, Telfar has gained its own following over the last two years. With such a big figure in music placing one above the other, naturally, each side had strong feelings. Brand loyalty isn’t new, and throwing Beyoncé in the mix puts the contention into overdrive.

Funny enough, Beyoncé’s line and the subsequent hysteria did cause an impact beyond the timeline, as there was a spike in how much Telfar was searched according to reports from Vogue Business. Everyone may not be happy, but the independent Black-owned business definitely is.

Check out reactions to the controversial line above.

Renaissance is out now via Parkwood Entertainment. Listen to it here.