Beyoncé Announced Her Cécred Line Of Hair Care Products With A Cryptic Trailer

Beyoncé has something special up her sleeve. No, it doesn’t look like the long-awaited visuals for her Renaissance album. But perhaps something just as sacred. Or shall we say, “Cécred?”

Tonight (February 6), Bey took to social media to announce her new line of haircare products, called Cécred. As Bey is known to do, she kept very mum about what to expect. A video shared to Instagram shows a montage of people washing, combing, and brushing their hair. Though we’re not sure what kinds of products to expect — in the way of shampoos, conditioners, and/or dyes — Bey did reveal that Cécred is, in fact, a hair care line, simply by captioning the post, “Hair is sacred.”

Also in the post’s caption, she revealed Cécred arrives Feb. 20, and tagged the handle to the brand’s official Instagram account. On Cécred’s Instagram page is a bio reading “Haircare by @beyonce,” as well as the brand’s official website.

The website plays the same video from the social handles, however, invites visitors to enter their email address and phone numbers to receive updates.

At the time of writing, neither Bey nor Cécred have indicated if the products will be available to purchase in stores.

You can see the clip above.