Watch Beyonce And The Dixie Chicks’ Texas-Devoted Performance Of ‘Daddy Lessons’ At The CMAs

Managing Editor, Music

Earlier today we got the surprising news that Beyonce would be joining country music’s royal elite at the annual CMA awards in Nashville. Honestly, the decision makes a lot of sense.

Of course, there’s the obvious Lemonade track “Daddy Lessons” that would fit right into any country programming, but Beyonce is big enough that she could perform anything and people would be happy. Still, she went with that song and did a Texas-devoted performance with the Dixie Chicks as her backing band — Natalie Maines even took a verse, and at one point, they interpolated “Long Time Gone.” Watch that above.

Aside from the wonder that is a Beyonce and Dixie Chicks supergroup — their cover of her song earlier this year was amazing enough on its own — but this performance represents something more. Considering the endless struggle country music faces as it is contextualized and re-contextualized within the American south’s history of slavery, racism, and segregation, inviting the most powerful and popular female black performer of our current era to appear on the show is a tremendous statement.

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