Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Rollout Includes A Stylish Set Of ‘Hot Sauce’ Themed Clothing

02.07.16 3 years ago
Beyonce Performs at The Staples Center

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Every single these days needs to have a bunch of shareable and wearable catchphrases, the better to tweet about and Instagram and make money off of. Beyoncé knows this well, so her new song, “Formation,” has a number of quotable lines, and she’s selling merchandise emblazoned with said lines.

The Formation Collection, which you can buy at, has a crewneck sweater (that I really want) that says, “I twirl on them haters.” There’s a t-shirt with a print of Queen Bey dressed like uh — well, Queen — that just says “Slay” on the bottom. There’s a tote bag with “I got hot sauce in my bag,” and an iPhone cover with “You that b*tch when you cause all that conversation.” Oh, and don’t forget the cap that says “hot sauce,” which the website refers to as the “Picante Dad Hat.” Happy father’s day? Also maybe she should sell a dad hat that has red claws coming out the sides in an homage to taking her man to Red Lobster.

As Mashable helpfully lists, these items have a lo-fi, DIY aesthetic, with prices ranging from $25 to $70. There’s also some 7/11 merchandise mixed in there, such as the aforementioned $70 sweatshirt that says “smack it” repeatedly.

(Via and Mashable)

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