These Teens Absolutely Slayed Leaving For Prom To Beyonce’s ‘Formation’

If you’re going to stage an elaborate dance routine to Beyonce’s “Formation,” you kind of have to bring your A-game. After all, Bey commands you to slay or risk elimination. Given how little she cares about her own bandmates, we don’t want to even imagine what that means. Luckily these teens absolutely killed their over-the-top prom departure.

Rather than just walk down the steps and meet her date, this high-schooler sent out dancing envoys to warn of her arrival with air-tight choreography and smoke machines. The first dancer kills his part, flanked in yellow and black balloons (of course), but the girl who follows him deserves credit for keeping up IN HEELS.

The true hero of this whole clip, however, is the girl’s prom date. In spite of all that’s going on around him, he keeps his face blank, possibly wondering if he should have taken his cat instead. He’s a rock who will not be moved, even as his date walks out in full-on Sasha Fierce mode. He’s Bud Abbott if Frank Costello was vogueing his way through “Who’s On First?” What a legend.

Secondary honors go to the little kid who walked across the whole scene completely oblivious to what’s going on. It’s not a tornado-level lack of concern but he had places to be, weeks of planning or no.

(Via Cosmopolitan)